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Patient/Provider Education Project

About the Patient-Provider Education Project (PPEP)

The Patient-Provider Education Project (PPEP) engages cancer care providers with African American breast cancer survivors/advocates to develop solutions for improving care. Utilizing dialogue and education, its aim is to improve patient/provider communication, understanding and trust. The process will allow the groups to collaborate on innovative, culturally sensitive solutions.

This project builds upon our long-standing work in intergrative patient navigation, our research on the psychosocial barriers for Black women breast cancer patients and survivors, and a wealth of literature that addresses the critical role of communication in patient/provider interaction. Ineffective and culturally insensitive communication can operate as yet another barrier for women as they seek treatment and support. While the overall goal of this project is to increase referral and screening rates, our hope is that more effective relationships between patients/survivors and providers will leand to better outcomes for this population.

PPEP is a three-year project. Our target population is African American breast cancer patients/survivors who live in Wards 7 & 8 and cancer care providers who work in those areas in Washington, DC.

Project components include:

Patient/Provider Education Project

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