One-Day Retreats


“I just knew I needed to step away from the daily cancer grind and find myself again. Living Well with Cancer was the perfect program – empowering, soothing, educational and restorative.”

Smith Center’s one-day Living Well with Cancer retreats aim to help strengthen innate healing mechanisms with group support, yoga and stress reduction, creativity, and a talk on nutrition complemented by a whole foods lunch.

Our goal is to help participants make life-affirming changes by providing empowering tools and knowledge in a community of others facing a cancer diagnosis.

The retreat is a place to explore the issues and choices that people with a life threatening illness encounter. We aim to provide experiential, integrative healing options paired with the highest quality small-group support program for people with cancer.

 Living Well with Cancer Retreats are non-medical, educational hands-on experiences for patients and sometimes their primary caregivers. It is not a cancer therapy or treatment program.

“You have an understanding that you’re not alone in this experience but that you’re growing and improving your life…  And the scope of the program and the quality of the people, I don’t think it can be matched by anyone else in the Washington area.

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