The Shanti Norris Cancer Retreat Fund


The Shanti Norris Cancer Retreat Fund was launched in May 2017 as a lasting tribute to Founding Executive Director Shanti Norris’ 21 years of service to Smith Center for Healing and the Arts. This fund supports Smith Center’s most intimate, transformative and pioneering work, our​ Cancer Retreats. All contributions to the fund will offset the cost of the retreats for cancer survivors and ​their ​caregivers and will also enable us to continue offering partial scholarship assistance. While we can never fully express our gratitude to Shanti for all that she has done for Smith Center, we hope that by naming this fund for the program that was dearest to her heart, we will honor and celebrate her extraordinary contributions to our mission and community.

Smith Center has been offering Cancer Retreats since 1996—and they are still the core and the heart of all we do. Retreats offer a respite from everyday life with a cancer diagnosis and an opportunity to be fully immersed in healing. The goal of our retreats is to empower participants to make life-affirming changes by providing tools and knowledge in a safe and caring community of others facing a cancer diagnosis. Participants — cancer survivors and their caregivers — experience the healing power integrative and complementary therapies, group support, yoga and other relaxation techniques, gourmet whole foods meals, therapeutic massage, expressive arts and the opportunity to connect with those on a similar journey of healing.


“I attended the weeklong retreat at Hallowood 2 months after I finished chemo and radiation.  The retreat brought together a combination of staff, participants, physical setting, dietary choices and nurturing activities that enabled love and deep healing to become profoundly accessible sensations.” ~ Tina Cleland

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