Awareness through Movement - January


With Carol Regan

- Tuesday, January 10th, 1:15-2:30pm

Feldenkrais Method Workshop Series

Come join in a special Awareness through Movement® workshop that is suited for every body. Also known as The Feldenkrais Method, this is a mind-body approach to fitness and health that is rapidly gaining recognition as a powerful means of rehabilitation for those who are injured or in chronic pain, as well as people who simply want to learn to move better and feel more comfortable in their bodies. During the class, you are guided through a series of deceptively simple floor exercises which have a profound effect on your posture, breathing, and movement capabilities.

In this series of classes, you might explore such common human functions as standing, sitting, turning, bending and reaching, or even recreate movement patterns you learned as an infant, such as crawling or rolling. These gentle and pleasurable movement explorations help you to discover new options for moving and acting with more comfort, precision and power.

These classes are geared towards those in recovery from cancer or other illnesses or injury, including spouses, family, and caregivers.

A wonderful complement to any medical treatment or exercise program, these classes are especially beneficial for anyone experiencing fatigue, pain, or restriction of movement due to injury, surgery, or treatment.

Other dates in this series are: 

  • February 6, 6:15-7:30pm
  • March 7, 1:15-2:30pm

To learn more about Awareness through Movement, visit the International Feldenkrais Federation online.

Our programs are open to the community, and tailored to meet the needs of people affected by cancer. Classes and workshops are free or low cost on a pay-as-you-can basis, ensuring that our programs are accessible to everyone.

Suggested donation: $15



About Carol Regan

Carol discovered the Feldenkrais Method over seven years ago after trying a number of different movement classes yet finding herself going back into her old patterns that caused chronic aches and pains. The work has been life-changing both physically and emotionally; she began a four-year training program in 2012, and is now a certified teacher of the Method. Her volunteer work has been focused on healing and she brings her own experiences and commitment to restorative practice to her classes. You can contact Carol directly to learn more about the Feldenkrais Method and her Awareness through Movement® workshops at