Gaining Hope Through Series of Survivorship


With Joan Miller, March 15, 6-8pm

- Tuesday, March 15, 6-8pm


Survivorship can be a rocky climb, with two steps forward, and three steps back. Grief comes in waves and catches you unaware, creating uncertainty and self-doubt. This workshop is designed to inspire hope, and to help survivors of any age and stage of development reflect deeply on their healing process, and progress.

Her new memoir, Healing Grief: A Story of Survivorship will be available for purchase.

Our Classes and workshops are free or low cost on a pay-as-you-can basis, ensuring that our programs are accessible to everyone. Programs are open to the community and tailored to meet the needs of people affected by cancer.


Kiersten Gallagher

Joan Miller

Joan Heller Miller holds a Master’s Degree in Education from Harvard University with a focus in counseling and consulting psychology. She has authored award-winning books and articles for parents and teachers including The New Language of Toys: Teaching Communications Skills to Children with Special Needs (Woodbine House) in English, Spanish, and Korean.

Joan was treated for acute myelogenous leukemia when she was forty-one years old and was given a slim chance of survival. This meant leaving three young children behind and suffering through a year of harrowing inpatient treatments and complications which included multiple traumatic assaults, both physical and psychological. As a result of unaddressed grief, loss, and trauma, Joan developed an increasingly life-threatening clinical depression, also requiring hospitalizations, this time in a psychiatric ward. More traumatizing than her brutal cancer treatments, her hospitalization experiences for depression challenged her resolve, resiliency, and survival.