Special Film Screening


I'm Still Here: Young Adults Living Life with Recurrent Cancer

- Sunday, October 16, 5:00-6:00pm

Im Still Here Film

Please join us for a special screening of the short film "I'm Still Here: Young Adults Living With Recurrent Cancer" presented by Callanish Society.  

I'm Still Here is a 45-minute documentary that follows six young adults living with recurrent cancer on a three-day retreat, facilitated by a team of professionals from the Callanish Society, who guide them through the healing necessary to reconnect with life. I’m Still Here captures the authentic voices of these retreat participants who although faced with grim prognoses, continue to live full and inspiring lives. The narrative is illustrated with vivid imagery from the Brew Creek Centre in the Squamish Valley, B.C., Canada.

The film educates about the Callanish Society, an organization that has evolved into a far-reaching community deeply rooted in the fundamentals of what it means to be human, after more than 20 years and over 80 retreats. 

This documentary film brings new understanding, insight, and awareness about the experiences and needs of young adults living with recurrent cancer.  It offers guidance and support to other young adults going through similar experiences helping them feel less isolated. We also hope the film will be a valuable resource for health care professionals who want to inspire people to find hope and resilience in the midst of life with cancer.

Following the film, there will be a Q&A session with Callanish Society founding members Janie Brown & Daphne Lobb, and facilitator Danielle Schroeder.

DVDs will be available for sale at $20.


Callanish Society is a non-profit organization located in Vancouver, BC, Canada, providing support programs to people living with and/or dying from cancer since 1995. At the heart of Callanish is a weeklong retreat that provides a gentle catalyst for revitalizing the spirit by helping people reconnect with the essentials of life and in doing so, to feel soothed, strengthened, and restored. 

In 2005, they developed the Young Adult Cancer Network (YACN), which provides support groups, retreats and counselling tailored to the unique needs of young adults (ages 19-39). Over the past ten years a vibrant community of over 70 YACN members has evolved. Some have found their “new normal” after finishing treatment, and others are finding ways to live with recurrent/metastatic cancer, continually adjusting to new treatment options, and learning how to manage the uncertainty that comes with this new reality.  

JANIE BROWN RN, MSN, MA (Psych.) is the co-founder and Executive Director of the Callanish Society. Janie received her M.A.(Psych) at St Andrew’s University, Scotland, and her MSN at the University of British Columbia. She worked as a Clinical Nurse Specialist at the B.C. Cancer Centre, Vancouver for many years before establishing her oncology counselling practice, and co-founding the Callanish Society in 1995. She writes a blog www.lifeindeath.org and is in the process of completing her first book. Contact: janie@callanish.org or 1-604- 732-1012.


DAPHNE LOBB, MD, CCFP (PC) is a founding member of the Callanish Society (www.callanish.org). She received her medical degree at Queen’s University and her CCFP (family practice) at the University of British Columbia. Daphne has been working as a palliative care leader in Vancouver for 25 years. She was the medical director of St. Paul’s Hospital Palliative Care Program in Vancouver for many years. She currently practices palliative care in both acute care hospitals and community/home settings and teaches medical residents as clinical faculty at UBC. She has been a facilitator on all of the week-long residential Callanish retreats since it started in 1997. She is dedicated to bringing the humanity back to medicine.


DANIELLE SCHROEDER, CCC, MA works as both a Clinical Counsellor and Yoga Teacher. In her counselling work, Danielle has worked extensively in the areas of cancer care, palliative care, and grief and loss. At present, she works as the Young Adult Program coordinator at Callanish Society, facilitating groups and providing counselling for young adults and their families. Danielle received her MA in Counselling Psychology at City University of Seattle in 2009. She has also been practicing Yoga since 1999 and started teaching in 2005. Contact: danielle@callanish.org (604) 732-1012.