A Salamander's Tale


My Story of Regeneration - Surviving 30 Years with Prostate Cancer, with Dr. Paul Steinberg, MD

- Thursday, September 10, 7-8:15pm

Dr. Paul Steinberg will be speaking about his thirty-plus years of dealing with prostate cancer, including 25 years of facing metastatic disease; and he will also be referring to his work of “creative non-fiction":

A Salamander’s Tale: My Story of Regeneration – Surviving 30 Years with Prostate Cancer. 

A Salamander’s Tale is not a how-to book.  It is one man’s story of dealing with aggressive, ultimately metastatic prostate cancer – with many aspects of the story resonating with any family that is dealing with a potentially deadly illness.  Dr. Steinberg’s talk (and the book itself) will essentially be a detective story – an investigation of strategies to not just deal with the disease but also with the destructive consequences of the treatments for the disease.  Indeed Dr. Steinberg has been fortunate to have found a way to make a life-threatening illness into a chronic illness. In the process Dr. Steinberg has questioned conventional wisdom, conventional medical approaches.  And likewise in the process he looks at our conventional wisdom not just in regards to medical care, but also in regards to sex and lust and even the gods.  Indeed a remarkable, rather unique regeneration and transformation physically and emotionally and spiritually.

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About Dr. Paul Steinberg

Dr. Paul Steinberg is a psychiatrist in private practice in D.C. and the former director of the Georgetown University Counseling and Psychiatric Service. In 1984, at the age of 35, Paul discovered he had prostate cancer. He underwent a radical prostatectomy and subsequent radiation to the prostate bed. With a false optimism that the disease had been contained, Paul took on the job of associate director of the Georgetown University Counseling and Psychiatric Service working with undergraduate and graduate students, as well as law and medical students. He also became the psychiatric consultant to the Georgetown University Athletic Department, working with student athletes and having monthly meetings with coaches and athletic directors.

While A Salamander’s Tale is his first book, Paul’s writing career began in the 1980’s. He was one of the initial contributors to the Washington Post’snewly evolving Health and Science section and has been a frequent contributor to the New York Times op-ed page and Science Times. His pieces on mental health, science, and athletics have appeared in the Los Angeles TimesWashington PostBaltimore SunUSA Today, and International Herald Tribune.