Alchemical Vessels: Opening Reception


125 Artists, 16 Curators

- Friday, April 26 7-9pm

Vessel (In-Progress) by Laurie Breen- Opening Reception - Friday, April 26, 7-9pm
- Special Benefit Event (see details below) - Friday, May 17, 7-9pm
- Artists' Closing Reception - Friday, June 7, 7-9pm

Join us for the opening reception of this inspiring initiative featuring the work of 125 artists, hand-selected by 16 invited curators, which will engage a community dialogue on healing and transformation through the arts. Each artist will transform the ceramic bowl by means of his or her own personal aesthetic and medium, drawing inspiration from the bowl as a place of holding, open community, a circle of care, sacred space, nourishment, and even the alchemical vessel.

The ceramic bowl was selected as the fundamental element of the exhibition to symbolize creating a space where healing can take place—an idea at the heart of Smith Center’s work and mission. Metaphorically speaking, Smith Center—the space and the work we do within our walls—resembles an alchemical vessel. People bring their everyday burdens, fears, and pains to us, and in this place of holding, we help transform those toxic elements into hope, light, wisdom and strength.


Gallery Exhibition and Benefit - U Street Washington, DCBenefit Event

Friday, May 17, 7-9pm
Tickets on sale Tuesday, March 26 starting at 10 am.  

Join us for this exclusive benefit event and add one of the 125 Alchemical Vessels works to your own collection! 100% of the ticket sale proceeds will go to support Smith Center’s life-enhancing work and programs for people living with or recovering from cancer.

Each $125 ticket holder will be given the opportunity to select a piece of art to take home.

If needed, you may also call 202.483.8600 to purchase your ticket.

Featured Curators Include: Felix Angel, Myrtis Bedolla, Margaret Boozer, Lenny Campello, Richard Dana, Mary Early, Lillian Fitzgerald, Helen Frederick, Mel & Juanita Hardy, Laila Jadallah, Bridget Lambert, Wendy Miller, John Paradiso, Annette Polan, Alec Simpson, Ellyn Weiss, and Smith Center for Healing and the Arts.

Featured Artists Include: Akili Ron Anderson, Sondra Arkin, Tom Ashcroft (Workingman Collective), Joanna Axtmann, Rosana Azar,  Cedric Baker, Carol Barsha, Joan Belmar, Kristina Bilonick, Alan Binstock, Emily Biondo, Natalya Borisovna Parris, Anne Bouie, Elle Brande, Laurie Breen, Sally Brucker, Lenny Campello, Gloria Capron, David Carlson, Mei Mei Chang, Hsin-Hsi Chen, Kay Chernush, Natalie Cheung, Irene Clouthier, Joe Corcoran, Tory Cowles, Sheila Crider, Joan Danziger, Alonzo Davis, Katie Dell Kaufman, Elsabe Dixon, Mary Early, Cheryl Edwards, Laura Elkins, Kathy Emery, Dorothy Fall, Phoebe Farris, Susan Finsen, Lillian Fitzgerald, Barbara Frank, Helen Frederick, Maya Freelon Asante, Adrienne Gaither, Ric Garcia, Matthew Gifford, Olivier Giron, Carol Goldberg, Susan Goldman, Pat Goslee, Elizabeth Graeber, Drew Storm Graham, John Grunwell, Mel Hardy, Winston Harris, William Harris, Elyse Harrison, Rania Hassan, Francie Hester, Tom Hill, Ellen Hill, Lisa Hill, Laila Jadallah, Pilar Jimenez, Wayson Jones, Steven Jones, Becca Kallem, Rebecca Kamen, MJ Kavian, Madeleine Keesing, Jeffery Kent, Micheline Klagsbrun, Bridget Lambert, Elaine Langerman, Mary Virginia Langston, Joren Lindholm, Shelley Lowenstein, Marta Luz Gutierrez, Dana Jeri Maier, Matthew Mann, Kaltoum Maroufi-Colle, Percy Martin, Janet Mathias, Kathryn McDonnell, Maggie Michael, Wendy Miller, Nan Montgomery, Bill Newman, Sarah Nikitopoulos, Jared Packard-Winkler, John Paradiso, Brian Petro, Michael Platt, Darien Reece, Jamea Richmond-Edwards, Amber Robles-Gordon, Jessica Rose, Wendy Ross, Rachel Rotenberg, Louise Sagalyn, Rachel Schmidt, Greg Scott, Pat Silbert, Alec Simpson, Susan Stacks, Martin Swift, Rob Tarbell, Valerie Theberge, Evelyn Tickle, Erwin Timmers, Novie Trump, Aniekan Udofia, Patricia Underwood, Pamela Viola, Kazaan Viveiros, Sigrid Vollerthun, Tom Wagner, Jenny Walton, Ellyn Weiss, Lee Wheeler, Peter Winant, Julie Wolfe, Tom Wolff, Yuriko Yamaguchi, Millicent Young, and more...

Gallery Hours: Wednesday to Friday, 11am-5pm, Saturday, 11am-3pm, and by appointment.

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