Altered Books for Acceptance and Optimism


With Rebecca Wilkinson, MA, ATR-BC, LCPAT & Gioia Chilton, PhD, ATR-BC

- Saturday, August 2, 10am-3pm

Altered Book Creativity Workshop
The serenity prayer helps us identify and channel our energy toward the things we can change while acknowledging the powerlessness we may feel about things we cannot. In this workshop we will use writing and imagery to transform pessimistic and discouraging beliefs into more positive and empowering alternatives. We will identify the benefits of taking an optimistic approach to perceiving our lives and learn simple ways to increase optimism. Participants will use altered books to engage in this exploratory process.

An altered book changes a book from its original form into a different form, altering its appearance and/or meaning. We have so many options to choose from when altering a book, including drawing or painting, collaging, or using stamps or stickers on the pages or the cover of the book.

All materials will be provided. A selection of books to alter will be available. If you have a book that you are already in the process of altering, you are welcome to bring it.

Snacks will be provided. We recommend that you bring your lunch. Lunch can also be purchased nearby from healthy, reasonably priced carry-outs in the neighborhood.

For counselors, art therapists, expressive therapists, social workers, marriage and family therapists who wish to receive 4.5 CECs, the workshop objectives are:

  •  1) Attendees will be able to list three ways that altering books can be used to explore therapeutic concerns.
  •  2) Attendees be able to explore three benefits of optimism on wellbeing.
  •  3) Attendees will be able to explore three strategies for increasing optimism.

Note: We are pleased to offer a discount for those who register early! 
The cost for this program is:

  • $40 if you register by July 30
  • $45 if you register after July 30

Our programs are open to the community, and tailored to meet the needs of people affected by cancer. Classes and workshops are free or low cost on a pay-as-you-can basis, ensuring that our programs are acccessible to everyone.

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About Rebecca Wilkinson and Gioia Chilton

Rebecca Wilkinson, MA, ATR-BC, LCPAT and Gioia Chilton, PhD, ATR-BC are both Registered and Board Certified art therapists with twenty years of experience in mental health and in facilitating training and workshops. They serve as adjunct faculty at George Washington University Graduate Art Therapy Program and provide continuing education and development through the Potomac Art Therapy Association. They also serve as core faculty of the Smith Center for Healing and the Arts, facilitating supportive workshops for those affected by life threatening illness and the professional providers working with them. They are co-founders of Creative Wellbeing Workshops, LLC, which provides training, consultation, and clinical therapy designed to reduce stress, prevent burnout, and increase life satisfaction and wellbeing.