Celebrity Chef Spotlight: Matteo Venini of Ristorante Posto


- Thursday, Oct. 6, 6:30-8:30pm

Butternut Squash SoupYou are invited to join us for an evening of authentic, delicious (and healthy) Italian cooking with the talented and charismatic Chef du Cuisine, Matteo Venini, of Ristorante Posto.


The menu includes:

- Butternut Squash Soup, fresh ricotta cheese, fresh chives

Farro two ways:

- Farro salad, broccoli, mushrooms, seasons almonds

- Farro gratin, broccoli, mushrooms, almonds, melted cheese


Matteo Venini was born in Mandello del Lario, Italy, near Lake Como in the northern region of Lombardy. He hails from a long line of butchers, and started working in the family's butcher shop at a very young age. At the age of 18, Matteo decided to expand his horizons, and started working in professional kitches where he met Fabio Tacchella (one of Italy's most well-regarded chefs), who taught him the basics of cooking and instilled in him a great love and passion for Italian cuisine. He then studied at the Academy of Castalimenti and Etolie and La Cucina Italiana in Milan, where he refined his cooking and food presentation techniques.

Soon, adventure took hold of Matteo, and he moved to the United States where he joined the culinary team at Ristorante Tosca, Posto's sister white-linen tablecloth restaurant, establishing himself as one of the most talented cooks in the nation's capitol. When the opportunity of Ristorante Posto came about, Matteo enthusiastically accepted Massimo Fabbri's and Paolo Sacco's offer to become Posto's Chef de Cuisine. You'll find him there daily in the kitchen, leading a team of very talented cooks.


Please note that space is limited to 16 participants to ensure the best possible program quality. If the program has filled to capacity, we can place you on the waiting list and let you know if/when a space becomes available.

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