Mandalas for Meditation: Peace and Healing


With Rebecca Wilkinson, MA, ATR-BC & Gioia Chilton, MA, ATR-BC

- Saturday, January 18, 10am-1pm

Mandalas for Meditation Creativity Workshop

Participants will engage in loving kindness meditation and use the art process to channel that energy into mandala energy. “Mandala,” a Sanskrit word meaning “containers of essence” can serve as a means to focus on an intention. In this workshop we will focus on bringing love, peace, and healing to ourselves and others in the New Year.

Starting with the outline of a mandala (simply a circle drawn onto a sheet of paper), participants will use drawing, painting, and collage-making to express and reflect their aspirations for the new year.

For counselors, art therapists, expressive therapists, social workers, marriage and family therapists who wish to receive CECs, the workshop objectives are:

  • Attendees will be able to list three ways that mandalas have been used therapeutically in the past.
  • Attendees will be able to list three strategies for using mandalas as a tool in art therapy for identifying and meeting therapeutic goals.
  • Attendees will engage in loving kindness meditation and identify ways that this can help improve mood and broaden possibilities for ourselves and our clients.

Our programs are tailored to the needs of people affected by cancer, but we welcome anyone who would like to attend.  

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  • $30 if you register after January 15

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About Rebecca Wilkinson and Gioia Chilton

Rebecca Wilkinson, MA, ATR-BC, and Gioia Chilton, MA, ATR-BC are both Registered and Board Certified art therapists with twenty years of experience in mental health and in facilitating training and workshops. They serve as adjunct faculty at George Washington University Graduate Art Therapy Program and provide continuing education and development through the Potomac Art Therapy Association. They also serve as core faculty of the Smith Center for Healing and the Arts, facilitating supportive workshops for clients affected by life threatening illness and the professional providers working with them. They are co-founders of Creative Wellbeing Workshops, LLC, which provides training, consultation, and clinical therapy designed to reduce stress, prevent burnout and increase life satisfaction and wellbeing.

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