Crime & Redemption Theatre Opening Reception & Artist's Talk


Photography by Clara Vannucci

- Artist Talk -6pm, Reception-7-9pm

In partnership with FotoWeek DC

Opening Reception - Friday, November 9, 7-9pm
with the Artist’s Talk starting at 6pm

 Clara joins us all the way from Italy to share stories and details on her series – 6-7pm 




“Why should I run? Where would I go? Twenty years I’ve lived in prison. Now I have something to live for. Life has meaning.”  This was the surprising response photographer Clara Vannucci received when she asked a prison inmate and theatre actor why he’d never tried to escape when he had so many opportunities to do so.  For the past 6 years Vannucci has documented the therapeutic use of method acting in Italy’s notorious Volterra Prison, capturing travelling inmate troupes rehearse behind bars and perform to sold-out crowds.  In Italy they have found prison theatre to be highly therapeutic, producing positive results for rehabilitating prisoners and ultimately reintegrating them into society.  And now through Vannucci’s lens we witness the powerful transformation these men undergo — trying on roles of alternate characters’ lives and in the process leaving behind the stigma and pain of their past regressions, albeit for a brief moment. Yet, that moment proves profound as the actor-inmates reconnect with their deeper humanity and figuratively escape the physical barriers that cut them off from society. In this mystifying series, shown for the first time in the United States, Vannucci reveals the true healing power of art and that theatre is redemption.

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