Eating for A Lifetime: Cooking for People with Cancer


With Laura Pole, Oncology Nurse, Health Supportive Chef

- Saturday, August 10, 10am-1pm

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When you’re living with cancer, what you eat matters. This fun and informative class is a great way to start learning about the role of nutrition in cancer care. Participants will learn the basic principles of healthy and delicious food selection and preparation.

The class will begin with tasty appetizers followed by a lecture on the basic principles of selecting healthy food and a demonstration on how to build flavor in a dish.  Finally, participants will see and taste a “balanced plate” of colorful, beautiful, nourishing, and delicious foods.  

Laura Pole teaching about Nourishing Foods for People with CancerWhether you are affected by cancer or are simply looking for information on healthy eating, this fun and informative class is a great start.

From this class, you will –

  • Learn about the Eight Principles of Healthy Eating: whole, fresh, natural, local, balanced, in season, delicious, and in harmony with tradition
  • Learn how to create your own balanced plate at home
  • Learn to build flavor to turn a healthy dish into a delicious dish
  • Understand what makes up a complete protein
  • Learn how to choose foods at the grocery store and farmers’ market
  • Get recipes to make the dishes at home
  • Learn tips to make preparing and eating your meals more enjoyable

Chef Laura Pole is one of the pioneers in delicious nourishment for the person with cancer and other serious illness. She serves as Smith Center’s Director of Nourishment Programs as well as Head Chef for the Smith Center’s weeklong retreats for people with cancer. Laura is also an oncology nurse and a musician (making her a “Chefnurcian!”) She promises a class that is not only informative, but also entertaining and fun!

*Please Note: Every individual’s needs are unique. We aim to offer a variety of health-promoting options for each individual to consider, but do not prescribe the specific dietary content of any program for anyone. 

Our programs are tailored to the needs of people affected by cancer, but we welcome anyone who would like to attend.  


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