Everyday Delicious Healthy Meals


With Juliette G. Tahar

- Saturday, March 23, 10am-noon

*Please note that the date has been changed; this class was originally scheduled for March 30.

Everyday Delicious Healthy Cooking ClassLearn the basics of cooking a simple, delicious plant-based meal for everyday living. While this class is vegan (no animal products), it is open to anyone who wants to learn about the world of natural foods, specifically a plant-based diet.

This class covers the basics of planning and cooking a meal that incorporates a whole grain, a choice of one plant-based protein, seasonal vegetables, and a dessert, with in-depth discussion of recipe ingredients. Treat yourself to samples as you learn how to prepare it! 

Juliette G. Tahar is the founder and president of Healthy Living Inc., a non-profit organization that educates people of all backgrounds, regardless of income, in how to plan and prepare simple, delicious, healthy meals. In all of their efforts, Juliette and Healthy Living Inc. work to promote an environment that is supportive and safe, and which fosters community spirit.

Juliette’s cooking career began in 1992 as a small, private, vegan macrobiotic cooking and teaching company. It evolved into a full-time catering and teaching business until 2006, when Tahar established Healthy Living Inc. Born of French parents, Tahar owes her interest in natural foods to growing up in West Africa – a childhood connection to the natural world evolved into a mature interest in the relationship between health, food and cooking. She studied at The International Macrobiotic Institute in Kiental, Switzerland, at the French macrobiotic center Cuisine et Santé, The George Ohsawa Macrobiotic Foundation in California, and The Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City.

This program is open to everyone. Registration is required.  

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