FLUID: Rhythms, Transitions & Connections


- April 13, 2012 - June 9, 2012

On April 13, 2012 the Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery is honored to open the exhibition, FLUID: Rhythms, Transitions, & Connections, featuring the works of Francie Hester, Lisa Hill and Rebecca Kamen, in collaboration with Susan Alexjander.

We sometimes forget how truly complex human life is and that we are intimately connected to nature and each other.  In this multifaceted exhibition Francie Hester, Lisa Hill, and Rebecca Kamen tackle the oft-unexplored complexities of human existence and visually ponder questions relating to loss, memory, and our connections to nature and one another.

The tragic passing of Brendan Ogg at the age of 20 from brain cancer was one of those moments in life that brought a family and a community together in search of a way to connect.  The result is a unique artistic collaboration, Words as Legacy – A Leaf of Knowledge, created by Hester, Hill, Mattson Ogg and a community of knitters who came together to grieve and remember Brendan Ogg through the words and poetry he left behind. Ogg was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 19, and turned to poetry to record his experience. In his collection of poems, entitled Summer Becomes Absurd, his raw autobiographic words name what is most precious in the ordinary and show us how to live life whole. As community members began knitting, they were able to process their loss, and slowly transition from pain to legacy. Words as Legacy – A Leaf of Knowledge’s knitted panels wrap around each other, making concentric rings as a comment on how one person’s life – and words – can connect us all. 

Lisa Hill follows up on the impact of words left behind, by examining the nature of human existence as represented in one of the most intimate expressions — a signature.  SIGNINGS: Mother and Father charts the signatures of Hill’s parents over the course of their lives and shows how identity is formed and altered by life’s events and the ravages of time and health. Hill started by creating handmade paper, incorporating shredded personal documents from her subjects, and then overlaying on these newly formed sheets a series of printed signatures found in documents discovered during her research. The timeline of signatures – from childhood to old age - documents the subtle and not so subtle shifts in the transitions of the human condition.  Each signature gives the viewer a specific vision into frozen moments in one’s life, but together as a timeline they hint at the unseen things that have transitioned in between the signatures that mark points in one’s lifetime.

Moving beyond the written remnants we leave behind, Francie Hester and Rebecca Kamen delve into the abstract by exploring not the language that allows us to connect to one another, but rather neurological biology that enables us to connect to both our past and even nature. Kamen’s mylar sculpture works are informed by wide-ranging neuro-imagery, including micro and macro fluid patterns found in the human body and their startling correlation with tides in nature.  Her works are complemented by Susan Alexjander’s soundscape, which uses the cranial-sacral model of healing where our bodies are polyrhythmic beings, alive with tides, stillpoints, breath cycles, pulses and delicate surges of expression.  Their collaborative project reflects a vision of how light, shape, sound, and rhythm inform the human body as it communicates with itself and nature.  Meanwhile, Francie Hester takes her inspiration from the NIH’s ongoing mapping project of the brain’s minute electrical currents, our connectomes.  In her Connectome Series Hester explores how memory and our access to the past is stored and then triggered by electrical currents – one at a time – creating a sequencing effect, like a game of dominoesMemory waits – until one thought triggers another, unfolding and then hitting, possibly randomly, another memory, until it all fits or falls together – like a puzzle.

Together Hester, Hill, and Kamen explore the intangible realms of memory and human connectivity. Their points of entry are completely unique, but together their works force us to step away from our daily routines, stare into the unknown, and seek deeper connection to one another, our past, and nature.

FLUID: Rhythms, Transitions, & Connections will also feature two writing workshops. Click the links below to learn more and register!

FLUID: Literary Art Tour, presented by Cross-Pollinate

FLUID: Writing workshop: "Finding Our Voices, Telling Our Stories"

FLUID: Rhythms, Transitions & Connections will run from April 13th - June 9th.

Join us for the opening of FLUID: Rhythms, Transitions & Connections on Friday, April 13th, 7-9pm. Also, join us for the Artists' Talk on Saturday, May 12th at 3:30pm.

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