Happy Hour at Local 16 to benefit Smith Center


Please join us on Local 16's roof deck for a few cocktails and complimentary organic pizza*!

- Thursday, April 26, 5-11pm

Local 16Come join us for free at Local 16—just a few doors down from Smith Center! 80% of all proceeds from drink sales will benefit Smith Center's work in the community and our health, wellness, and cancer support programs at our U Street Center.

*Make sure to join us in our special roped-off section for your complimentary pizza and to ensure your drink proceeds benefit Smith Center!

If you can't attend, please consider making an online donation to help us reach our fundraising goal. Any amount will help!

U Street neighbors Local 16 and Smith Center for the Healing Arts share a passion for art, community, and of course, good food. Local 16 uses only the freshest and finest ingredients including local grown produce from Whipple Farm, a 160-acre farm located in Virginia. Whipple Farm is a restaurant partner, supplying local biodynamically-grown heirloom produce that is used daily at Local 16. To support the biodynamic mission, Local 16 uses wood from the farm to fire the oven and the ashes are returned to help fertilize the soil.

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Photo Credit: Tom Wolff | Pictured: Doug Whipple of Whipple Farm, 2011

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