Alchemical Vessels Benefit 2015


125 Artists, 20 Curators

- Friday, May 1

Join us for the 3rd annual Alchemical Vessels Benefit on Friday, May 1st and add one or more of the vessels to your collection! 

Contribute NOW to secure your vessel-selection number!

Benefit + Vessel Contribution - $150 (Only 125 available):  With each Benefit + Vessel contribution, individuals gain access to the exclusive Benefit event on May 1st and the opportunity to take home one of the 125 vessels.  Vessel selections at the Benefit are made based upon the date and time we receive your contribution online, meaning the first patron to contribute $150 is assigned vessel-selection ticket-number one and so forth.  Once your contribution is processed you will be emailed your unique vessel-selection ticket-number (#1-125) within 2 business days.  All of the works will remain on display until after the closing of the exhibition on May 22nd, and notification regarding art pickup dates will be emailed in advance. A catalog is not included with this contribution.

Benefit-Only Contribution- $50 (Only 60 available): With each Benefit-Only contribution, individuals gain access to the exclusive Benefit on May 1st without the selection of one of the featured 125 vessels.  [If you are attending the Benefit at the "Benefit + Vessel" contribution level, this is a great option to bring a guest & partner to the Benefit.]

Limited-Edition Alchemical Vessels 2015 Catalog - $42.30 ($40 + 5.75% D.C. sales tax): Full-color bound exhibition catalog featuring each of the 125 alchemical vessels, along with the artists' statement detailing their alchemical processes and interpretation of the theme, and curator essays. Catalogs can be picked up after the Benefit on May 1st at the Gallery (Wed-Fri, 11am-5pm, & Sat, 11a-3pm). If you would like your catalog shipped, please contact our Exhibitions Manager at to arrange shipment and to provide an additional shipping quote.

$100 Tribute Donation: Each gift of $100 can give a cancer patient a month of therapeutic yoga and help to cover costs for our on-site cancer retreats.

If you have trouble processing online contributions, please call 202.483.8600 or email us at


100% of the proceeds will go to support Smith Center’s life-enhancing work and programs for people living with and recovering from cancer.

About the Exhbition 

Alchemical Vessels

March 27 - May 22, 2014

- Opening Reception - March 27, 7-9pm
- Special Benefit (by contribution only) - Friday, May 1, doors open at 7pm

Smith Center for Healing and the Arts and the Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery are proud to announce the return of Alchemical Vessels, Smith Center's 3rd Annual Benefit and Exhibition. 

(Pictured right: Elizabeth Baldwin, Rising like a phoenix, Nails, beads, shells, hardware, and apoxie sculpt)

Alchemical Vessels brings together 125 local artists and 20 prominent curators for a community dialogue on healing and transformation through the arts. Each artist will transform a simple ceramic bowl by means of his or her own personal aesthetic and medium, drawing inspiration from the bowl as a place of holding, community, sacred space, and the alchemical vessel.

The ceramic bowl was selected as the fundamental element of the exhibition to symbolize creating a space where healing can take place—an idea at the heart of Smith Center's work and mission. Metaphorically speaking, Smith Center—the space and the work we do within our walls—resembles an alchemical vessel. People bring their everyday burdens, fears, and pains to us, and in this place of holding, we help transform those toxic elements into hope, light, wisdom and strength.

The Alchemical Vessels Exhibition will be open at the Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery from March 27th through May 22nd, 2015. There will be an opening reception on Friday, March 27th from 7-9pm.


David Alfuth, Beth Baldwin, Rhoda Baer, Emily Biondo, Ed Bisese, Julia Bloom, Raya Bodnarchuk, Joseph Bradley, Judy Byron, Lenny Campello, Jessica Cebra, Mei Mei Chang, Hsin-Hsi Chen, Patterson Clark, Billy Colbert, Susan Cole, Paula Crawford, Michael Crossett, Sarah Dale, Catherine Day, JD Deardourff, Jennifer DePalma, Robert Devers, Jessica Drenk, Patricia Dubroof, Pam Eichner, Dana Ellyn, Margo Elsayd, Susan Finsen & Michael Holt, Sharon Fishel, Kathryn Freeman, Marcia Fry, Adrienne Gaither, Michael Gessner, Carol Brown Goldberg, Pat Goslee, Matthew Grimes, Andrea Haffner, Courtney Hengerer, Jeff Herrity, Maurice "Mo" Higgs, Ryan Hill, Joseph Hoffman, Jeff Huntington, David Ibata, Martha Jackson Jarvis, Njena Surae Jarvis, Rose Jaffe, Mike Johnson, Mariah Anne Johnson, Wayson Jones, Maria Karametou, Sally Kauffman, Elizabeth Kendall, Joanne Kent, Hana Kim, Micheline  Klagsbrun , Kitty Klaidman, PD Klein, George Koch, Yar Koporulin, Peter Krsko, Bridget Sue Lambert, Maria Lanas, Toni Lane, Khanh Le, Jun Lee, Kyujin Lee, Nate Lewis, Mimi Logothetis, Steve Loya, Akemi Maegawa, Alex Mayer, Donna M. McCullough, Kathryn McDonnell, Maggie Michael, Vanessa Monroe, E.J. Montgomery, Lucinda Murphy, Ziad Nagy, Leslie Nolan, Frederick Nunley, Cory Oberndorfer, John Paradiso, Elena Patiño, Miguel Perez Lem, Brian Petro, Thomas Petzwinkler, Jeneen Piccuirro, Michael B. Platt & Carol A. Beane, Pattie Porter Firestone, Tom Raneses, Red Dirt Studios, Ellington Robinson, Carolyn Roth, Bonner Sale, Jean Sausele Knodt, Matt Sesow, Foon Sham, Janathel Shaw, Lillian Shaw, Bernardo Siles, Steve Skowron, Jeffrey Smith, Anna Soevik, Langley Spurlock, Stan Squirewell, Rebecca Stone Gordon, Lynn Sures, Tang, Lisa Marie Thalhammer, Valerie Theberge, Michael Torra, Kelly Towles, Dan Treado, Ruth Trevarrow, Tariq Tucker, Pamela Viola, Ellyn Weiss, Lee Wheeler, Catherine White, Sharon Wolpoff, Sue Wrbican, and Jenny Wu


Sondra N. Arkin, Artist & Independent Curator | Philip Barlow, Associate Commissioner, DC Department of Insurance, Securities & Banking; Board Member, District of Columbia Arts Center & Millenium Arts Salon | Chuck Baxter, Artist | Robert Devers, Professor of Fine Arts and Ceramics, Corcoran School of the Arts + Design, George Washington University | Thomas Drymon, Curator, doris-mae | Charlie Gaynor, Realtor and Photographer, member of the Mid City Artists | Aneta Georgievska-Shine, Lecturer in Art History, University of Maryland and Smithsonian Institution | George Hemphill, Gallery Director, Hemphill | Francie Hester, Visual Artist | Don Kimes, Professor, Director Studio Art Program, American University Department of Art; Artistic Director, Visual Arts at Chautauqua Institution | Zofie Lang, Artist | Mary Liniger, Executive Director, Art Enables | Akemi Maegawa, Artist | Jayme McLellan, Director & Founder, Civilian Art Projects | Twig Murray, Gallery Director, Athenaeum Gallery | Victoria Reis, Co-Founder, Executive & Artistic Director, Transformer | Nancy Sausser, Curator and Exhibitions Director, McLean Project for the Arts | Andy Shallal, Founder, Busboys and Poets | Stan Squirewell, Artist

Images above:

PLEASE NOTE: The images on this page feature Alchemical Vessels from 2014, and will not be on view or available during the 2015 Benefit. Please return to this page soon to see new works from this year's exhibition!

Victor Ekpuk, Incantations, Porcelain paint
Jodi Walsh, Intention, Ceramic
Jessica Hopkins, A New Surface, Acrylic paint, watercolor, and ink