Navigating Cancer: Nurturing Your Soul


With Carole O'Toole, Integrative Navigation Director & Suzie Kline Massey, M.A.E.E.

- Tuesday, June 3, 6:30-8pm

Navigating Cancer Series with Carole O'Toole, Patient NavigatorTopic: Nurturing Your Soul

This session, the third in our Navigating Cancer series, will look at the great spiritual traditions (both faith and non-faith based) that contribute to wellness and healing with session leaders Suzie Kline Massey and Carole O’Toole. Through an interactive dialogue, participants will explore the points of commonality across these traditions and examine their own engagement and history with these practices, making their own linkages for honoring these points of connection in their personal healing.

Participants will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the themes and practices of wellbeing and wellness across faith and non-faith traditions, and
  • Have an opportunity to set their personal intention of the use of these practices - whether new or reconnecting - in pursuit of their own well-being and health in the face of cancer

The Navigating Cancer series consists of three individual sessions, which participants may attend in any order.

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Carole O'TooleAbout Carole O’Toole
Carole O’Toole serves as Smith Center’s Director of Integrative Navigation. She designed Smith Center’s innovative model for cancer navigation which she has shared with hundreds of healthcare professionals nationally through lectures and an annual training program. Prior to her work at Smith Center, Carole was a Patient Navigator at Suburban Hospital and ran a private integrative cancer care navigation practice. Carole has been a survivor of advanced cancer since 1994. She has written two books on integrative cancer care: “Cancer Community Healing Network” and “Healing Outside the Margins,” and continues to work with individual clients at Smith Center to guide them through their treatment and survivorship in a holistic and comprehensive way.

Suzie Kline MasseyAbout Suzie Kline Massey, M.A.E.E.

Suzie is known for her joyful enthusiasm in helping others identify the sacred in their lives and her gifts for encouraging self-expression through the arts. In support of her mission to support diversity, her spiritual studies have been far reaching: from shamanism to yoga teaching, in addition to immersion in contemplative practice both in secular and religious contexts. In addition to her role as a spiritual director, she is a certified Artbundance Coach and a mixed media artist.

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