Nourishing Food for People with Cancer


With Laura Pole and Ruth Fehr

- Saturday, March 24, 10am-3pm

Join two culinary and nutrition experts and learn how to incorporate nourishing foods for healing and prevention of cancer. Most of the workshop will be dedicated to hands-on cooking.  You will learn how to make delicious and economical recipes that can be easily re-created at home.

Nourishing Soup to fight cancerIn addition to cooking, participants will also learn: 

  • The critical role food choices play in helping heal from cancer, which foods discourage cancer growth, and which foods promote it 
  • Practical tools and information on how to choose your food
  • Food solutions to common problems patients experience during cancer treatment, such as taste changes, decreased appetite, nausea, vomiting, and others

Speakers/Workshop leaders:

Laura Pole, Oncology Nurse, Health Supportive Chef – Director of Nourishment Programs and Head Chef for Smith Center

Ruth Fehr, Certified Holistic Nutrition Counselor, Health Supportive Chef – Director of Nutrition & Wellness Services for The Palette Fund 

This workshop is made possible thanks to the generosity of The Palette Fund, a non profit organization dedicated to providing nutrition and culinary services to people touched by cancer.

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