October Residential Cancer Retreat


- October 8-14, 2012

Hallowood Retreat Center in FallWeeklong retreats help participants engage in richer, fuller lives by providing empowering tools and knowledge in a community of others facing a cancer diagnosis. Activities reduce the fear and stress associated with cancer, examine personal beliefs, and explore healthier ways of living and choices among treatment options.

Learn about weeklong cancer retreats

The Cancer Help Program is for adults with any type of cancer at any stage in the cancer journey, including remission. Spouses, significant others and family are also welcome to apply.

The retreats works best for people who understand them and believe they would benefit from participating. They also work best for people who are comfortable in small group settings and are curious about the healing process.

Participants must be under the care of a physician, able to care for themselves, able to participate in the daily program, and sufficiently medically stable to spend a week in a rural retreat setting.

Retreats are held just outside of Washington, DC in Comus, Maryland.

To receive an application, call 202.483.8600 or email chp@smithcenter.org. There is often a waiting list, so please apply as early as possible or at least 6 weeks prior to a retreat. When a space is available, we will call you to discuss your application. Please feel free to call us with questions.