Opening Reception: Altered Ego


- Friday, June 13 7-9pm

Join us on Friday, June 13th from 7-9pm for the Opening Reception of Altered Ego.

About the Exhibition:

As visionary observers of our material world, artists employ masterful techniques – carving, sewing, photographing, and collaging – to alter what might otherwise be discarded fragments of our everyday lives into thought-provoking works of art. Used clothing is revitalized as an intricate textile. Crumpled valet tickets and a tattered animal cracker box take the form of a monoprint. Bobby pins transform into a precious triptych. Vintage oil cans reappear as the human form.
The same cultural articles that most of us pay little attention to and simply use as we go on with our daily lives hold a sublime allure over the featured artists. When asked where they "find" their unusual supplies the artists' common response is that the materials seem to find them rather. Antique foundry patterns inspire Kim Boggs, rusty junkyard fragments enchant Lee Wheeler, and sidewalk debris captivates Brian Petro. Where most of us see only one identity or ego for these commonplace objects, the artists' ingenious alterations elevate these objects into fine art and ultimately bestow new identities.
Stripping the material's original function, the featured artists challenge us to see new realities, beauty, and even the sublime in the unexpected objects all around us. Altered Ego brings together the provocative and reclaimed works of Gwendolyn Aqui-Brooks, Kim Boggs, Matt Hollis, Maria Karametou, Donna McCullough, Brian Petro, & Lee Wheeler.
Altered Ego will be open from June 4 - August 23, 2014, with an opening reception on Friday, June 13th from 7-9pm. Join us on Saturday, July 19th at 3:30pm, for the Altered Ego Artists' Talk -- a rare chance to meet the featured artists as they discuss the processes and
inspirations behind their altered works. A reception will follow the dialogue where visitors can chat with the artists.

Here what the artists of Altered Ego have to say about their reclaimed works!

A special thanks to Shefa Nola Benoit for producing this video!

(Smith Center on Vimeo.)

Please note: The gallery will be closed on July 4th & 5th, 2014.

Brian Petro,
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Please note that the gallery will be closed on July 4th and 5th.

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