Redefining Breath


With Bob Sima

- Thursday, October 23, 6-8pm

Redefining Breath with Bob SimaThe majority of us navigate through life in a constant state of low-grade stress. We are tapped out, stressed out, and poorly equipped to deal with the frenetic pace of the world. As a result we are overwhelmed. Redefining Breath examines and experiments with both ancient and modern philosophies of breath work. It combines an enticing blend of discussion, practical exercises, active participation, and live devotional music. These sessions will inspire a foundation for profoundly life-changing practices that will reduce your stress level and enliven your divine energy.

Our programs are open to the community, and tailored to meet the needs of people affected by cancer. Classes and workshops are free or low cost on a pay-as-you-can basis, ensuring that our programs are accessible to everyone.

To register, please select the suggested cost option below, or call Kiersten Gallagher or Ali Decker at 202.483.8600 to pay a different amount of your choosing.

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When Bob Sima (pronounced sEYE-ma) opens his mouth to sing, what emerges is far beyond the human sounds of his warm and soulful voice. He speaks the language of the Universe, the language of the soul, the language of the heart. Bob connects audiences in a very visceral, powerful way, changing the vibration and consciousness in the room. He is a poet, observer, and scribe– all divinely bundled as a singing, songwriting, transformative force of energy. His gift of music is a magnifying glass to the soul, each song sincere and worth repeating for a lifetime. When Bob Sima leaves the stage – whether at a concert hall, a listening room, a spiritual center, a yoga festival, a prison, a conference, or a hospital – people are so deeply moved that they find it hard to express the power of what they have experienced.