The Incredible, Drinkable Smoothie


With Cindy Mann, HHC

- Tuesday, Jan. 24, 6:30-8:30pm

SmoothieAs we begin the New Year, we often make resolutions to eat more healthfully. In this class, Holistic Health Counselor and food lover, Cindy Mann, will teach us about one of the easiest and most delicious ways to introduce more nutrients into our diets: Smoothies!

There’s no need to make a giant mess in your kitchen to test new recipes. Join us as we go beyond the basic combinations to sample a wide variety of smoothies for every palate and goal: Do you want a protein-rich drink? A cleansing drink? Something to boost your immune system? Antioxidant rich? Low in sugar? High in fiber?

Cindy will give us lots of options and she’ll also teach us tips and tricks to create the best smoothies. For example: How to hide kale in a smoothie (Yes, kale!)

We’ll break down the anatomy of a well-rounded smoothie and taste some refreshing, energizing drinks in this interactive cooking class.

Cindy Mann, HHC is the founder and director of Boundless Wellness in Washington, DC. As a holistic health counselor and cooking coach, Cindy works with health food newbies who struggle with making the transition from processed foods to a more whole foods diet and want to discover a fun and simple way to eat healthier and take care of themselves.

Growing up, Cindy lived on junk food and soda and wondered why she never had energy. After years of struggling with mood swings and slow digestion, she finally connected the dots between what she ate and how she felt. She continues to be on her own food journey and was certified as a holistic health counselor through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition so she could help others navigate theirs.

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