The Actual Dance


Performance & Discussion with Sam Simon

- Thursday, February 20, 6:30-8:30pm

Please note: this program has been rescheduled from its original date - Thursday, February 13. Email with any questions.

Sam Simon in The Actual DanceCome experience The Actual Dance, a beautiful, award-winning play written and performed by Sam Simon. The Actual Dance is a love story and more: It is also a lesson in navigating the potentially most difficult of all possible outcomes of cancer with amazing grace and even humor. The play is a breast cancer story told through a man’s eyes. It is also a spiritual experience played out on stage that transforms the theater into sacred space. Rather than fearing the actual dance, Sam finds the beauty and dignity in what he thinks must be done.

A discussion follows the performance, allowing the audience to talk to each other about the themes of the show. According to Sam, “Over and over again people find that what they had been thinking and feeling but were afraid to say is exactly what their neighbor was thinking and feeling.”

Writing about The Actual Dance in a recent edition of the Senior Beacon, Michael Toscano, a former theater critic for the Washington Post said: “The title sounds peaceful enough, but the story is unnerving, edgy, and emotionally raw. Yet it is also graceful and uplifting."

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Sam SimonAbout Sam Simon

Samuel A. Simon (Playwright/Solo Performer), a lawyer by training and vocation, began his theatrical work in community theatre in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area 15 years ago and has performed with a number of local theatre groups. He has worked with Artistic New Directions of New York through their annual Improv Retreats in the Catskills and attended 10 retreats including three master retreats. He has taken workshops offered by Gary Austin, Rachael Hamilton, and Michael Rock and is an acting student of Carol Fox Prescott. The Actual Dance is his first play.

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