Gallery Reception - VESSEL


Exhibit runs Sept. 9 - Oct. 22, 2011

- Friday, September 9, 7-9pm

After almost a year of renovation we are excited to re-open our gallery with VESSEL.  The Friday, 9/9, Opening Reception will also featured a dance performance by Maida Withers Dance Construction Construction and live music by Steve Hilmy.

On the occassion of the 10th anniversary of 9/11 our small hope is to use art to open greater avenues for connection and to catalyze a healing discourse.  VESSEL combines abstract works to evoke a sacred space of "holding," where open community dialogue may be inspired.  Selected works express an effort to move beyond and communicate that 'healing is possible' for everyone. 

Featuring works by Emily Biondo, Alonzo Davis, Jenny Freestone, Pat Goslee, Ani Kasten, M.J. Kavian, Madeleine Keesing, Rachel Rotenberg, Angela White and Millicent Young.

VESSEL is also a launch event for The 9/11 Arts Project: Healing 10 Years Later.  To learn more about The 9/11 Arts Project please visit,  

 Learn more about VESSEL and the featured artists.