Whole Foods Market Healthy Eating Shopping Tour


With Ebeth Johnson, CNFC & Healthy Eating Specialist at P Street Whole Foods Market

- Saturday, May 12, 10:00am


Whole Foods Market on P St. NW

This shopping tour with Certified Natural Foods Chef Ebeth Johnson will give you the information and skills to shop for the best products at the best prices. Sample foods as we tour the store to learn: What products are the best value? When is produce at its peak? What is local? Seasonal? What should we look for when we read food labels? This program will provide actionable tips to start making the most of grocery shopping right way. 

Ebeth Johnson earned a BA from New York University in Food and Restaurant Management in conjunction with NYU’s innovative program in Food Studies, also studying at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts. She first developed workshops for teens working with eco-chef Bryant Terry and later for adult community leaders at Just Food. Until she moved back to Washington, DC, Ebeth taught workshops regularly for New York Public Library, at various neighborhood community centers, and in NYC public schools.

Ebeth is host of The Endless Feast, a PBS series celebrating sustainable agriculture, locally grown foods and local chefs. She is currently the Healthy Eating Specialist at the Whole Foods Market on P Street.

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