Winter Comfort Foods


With Cindy Mann

- Thursday, Dec. 15, 6:30-8:30pm

Does the crazy pace of the holiday season have you craving warm, gooey, comforting foods? This year, soothe that craving with healthy, nutrient-rich dishes that taste great and leave you feeling energized instead of stuffed.

Cindy will share her favorite winter recipes; dishes that are delicious without being heavy and that are a cinch to prepare. Whether you're looking for holiday goodies or just something to eat at home by the fire, you'll find a new favorite in this class. Taking it beyond the plate, you'll also look as your personal history with comfort foods and deconstruct what makes your most satisfying meals so you can recreate that feeling all year long.

Please note that space is limited to 20 participants to ensure the best possible program quality. If the program has filled to capacity, we can place you on the waiting list and let you know if/when a space becomes available.

Cindy Mann is the founder and director of Boundless Wellness in Washington, DC. As a holistic health counselor and cooking coach, Cindy words with health foods newbeies who struggle with making the transition from processed foods to a more whole foods diet and want to discover a fun and simple way to eat healther and take care of themsleves.

Growing up, Cindy lived on junk food and soda and wondered why she never had energy. After years of strggling with mood swings and slow digestion, she finally connected the dots between what she ate and how she felt. She continues to be on her own food journey and was certified as a holistic health counselor through the institute for Integrative Nutrition so she could help others navigate theirs.

*Please Note: every individual's needs are unique. We aim to offer a variety of health-promoting options for each individual to consider, but do not prescribe the specific dietary content of any program for anyone.

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