Retreat Reunion Celebrates Alumni


On June 3rd, 2018 Smith Center hosted our first retreat reunion, “Reconnect and Reaching Out”, welcoming back over 60 alumni and staff. The event, held  at the home of alumnus Tina Cleland, brought together past participants of our Cancer Help Retreats from over 20 years to celebrate our continued healing, reconnect with each other and the Center, and hear of our plans for retreats moving forward.

Many wonderful memories were shared by guests, illustrating the powerful and long-lasting impact retreats have had on people’s lives. And guests were encouraged to share their secrets of what has supported them in their healing over the years, which you can find HERE.

Thanks to our generous alum and friends of Smith Center, the reunion added over $15,000 to the Shanti Norris Cancer Retreat Fund, dedicated to supporting our retreats. Learn more about upcoming retreats HERE.

The enthusiasm for the event has inspired us to offer more reunions, so we hope to see you at future celebrations!