Meet Tyler Jachetta

A donation to Smith Center provides programs like Cancer Support Group & Retreats for people facing cancer in our community. 

#MyStoryShared: Smith Center brought me here.

Stage III brain cancer. That’s heavy for anyone to handle. And I’m 32 years old. Heavier still.

Though this sounds scary to many people, I’ve found a community that makes it easier to handle: the Young Adult Cancer Survivor Group at Smith Center for Healing and the Arts.

I was referred by a social worker to this wonderful group of my fellow compatriots. As someone who didn’t previously know any other young adults dealing with a cancer journey, the survivors in this group understand what I’m going through without me even having to explain. I walk into Smith Center and I don’t have to think about how I’m presenting to the public; I can live my life as it is right now, pain and all.

Without this group, I have no idea where I would be. I’ve seen people at all stages communicate their feelings, hopes, dreams, fears and be all right, which gives me hope that I can do it too. I’ve made friends who are now the closest people to me. Friends who genuinely care about me, text me to check in, and show up to my home when I have a bad day.

#MyStoryShared represents how Smith Center has changed my life for the better. Young adult cancers aren’t very common and to have representation through this group is incredibly crucial. Smith Center now serves as a constant in my life; I appreciate so much that someone is always here to talk and we’re all in the trenches together.

Tyler Jachetta
Young Adult Cancer Survivor
Historical Fencer

PS: Smith Center impacts thousands of lives each year, like mine, and you can too. With a donation, you have the power to help change lives and make a difference for those living with cancer.

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