Smith Center Featured In Washington Post

We are proud that our Cancer Retreats were featured in the Washington Post Express on Wednesday, December 2, 2015.

Click here to read the article.

Thank you to Bob Bloomfield and Michele Lifshen for sharing your experiences!

“You walked out of there feeling a lot better than you did when you went in.
When you have cancer most people don’t know how to handle it. At Smith Center,
you feel like the staff is working through this with you.
– Bob, Cancer Retreat Participant
“We had a conversation about ritual and what I could actually do to help me with the
sense of loss and make it more meaningful – to be able to manage and cope with the situation.”
– Michele, Cancer Retreat Participant

To learn more about the our Cancer Retreats, contact Erin Price Schabert:, 202.483.8600. Or visit:

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