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Over the years, Smith Center has steadily developed a national leadership role in integrative cancer care navigation.

Our integrative navigation model has been used in both hospital and community settings. Beginning in 2006, we established the first integrative cancer navigation service at Howard University Hospital, where we contributed to a 15% increase in treatment compliance rates in the first year of service. After 5 years, the hospital adopted the program as a permanent service.

Smith Center Integrative Navigation

We also introduced community integrative navigation programs to Washington DC’s underserved through faith-based and grass-roots organizations. These highly successful educational programs increased community knowledge of navigation services, cancer screening and wellness practices. Attendees reported adopting healthy lifestyle changes long after our programs ended.

Our hospital- and community-based navigation programs have reached an estimated 12,000 residents who otherwise would not receive navigation services, and have been evaluated as a best practice for other underserved areas.

Our national Patient Navigation Training in Integrative Cancer Care has been offered since 2009. The training is a unique blend of didactic and experiential sessions that cover navigation and integrative techniques. The structure is based upon our integrative model and reflects our signature Cancer Retreats.

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