Meet Carole

Carole O’Toole, MS

Carole O’Toole, MS

Carole O’Toole, MS, is Director of Smith Center’s Institute of Integrative Oncology Navigation, and was instrumental in the development of our integrative navigation model. She is trained as a Cancer Guide, founded a private cancer coaching practice, and served as a navigator at a Washington, DC area hospital. Ms. O’Toole has been involved with cancer navigation since 1997, is the author of two books on integrative cancer care–“Healing Outside the Margins” and “Cancer Community Healing Network”–and has chaired the DC Cancer Consortium Workgroup on Patient Navigation Training and Education. She leads Smith Center’s annual Patient Navigation Training in Integrative Cancer Care.

Carole has celebrated her survivorship of an advanced cancer since 1994.

Carole’s perspective and approach:

“We don’t have control over our illness, but we do have control over how we choose to experience it. Cancer is a life challenge, and my role is to help you stay connected to your life and find your personal healing path while facing this challenge.  As a survivor, I know firsthand the value of having the support and guidance of someone who has traveled a similar path. It is what led me to this work. My goal is to illuminate the way as someone moves through cancer, and help engage them more in their healing through offering integrative supportive therapies and resources, and to serve as a compassionate listener to their experience. Through our work together, I hope to create a safe space for them that allows them to find meaning out of the chaos of this illness, and helps them return to their wholeness.”   

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