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September 26, 2021 @ 10:00 am - 11:15 am

This program series is being offered virtually through Zoom. If you missed the first sessions, please email to register.

with John Casey

The Sustainable Journaling Workshop helps participants create a journaling practice that can be maintained for an indefinite period of time. By concentrating more on the practice of journaling than on the content and intention behind it, the strategies shared allow participants to approach journaling less as a means to an end and more as an end in itself. This can help to create a sustainable and fulfilling practice which stands on its own but which can also be applied to other journaling strategies.


Topics discussed will include:

  • Easy strategies for starting and maintaining a journal
  • The advantages of creating a daily habit of journaling and the benefits of both the practice and the product
  • Strategies for overcoming obstacles to creating a daily practice
  • Privacy concerns
  • How to start your journal at any point in the past
  • How to continue with the practice if days are missed
  • Creating a practice that is structured yet adaptable to one’s lifestyle and preferred approach to journaling


Each meeting incorporates presentations as well as opportunities for group and chat room sharing that caters to different engagement styles. Although homework is assigned, it easily accommodates participants with busy schedules.

Sustainable Journaling will be offered as a four-part workshop on the following dates: 

  • Sunday, September 5th, 10 – 11:15 AM
  • Sunday, September 12th, 10 – 11:15 AM
  • Sunday, September 19th, 10 – 11:15 AM
  • Sunday, September 26th, 10 – 11:15 AM

Participants are encouraged to attend all four workshop sessions to get the most out of the Sustainable Journaling process. By registering above, you will be registered for all four sessions. Please let us know in advance if you will not be able to attend all four sessions.

Participants who joined in our first session are welcome back as space is available. Please email Kiersten at to inquire about space.

Suggested Donation: $25 (for entire workshop)

About John Casey

John Casey

John Casey works as a barber in Brooklyn, NY. This trade affords him the opportunity to meet and talk with many different people on a daily basis. Learning that many of his customers shared his interest in keeping a journal but didn’t know how to start or to maintain one, he decided to create a workshop that would allow him to share what he’d learned about this rewarding practice.
In his free time, John loves being in his car and is grateful for any opportunity he gets to drive through to the Hudson Valley where he grew up. He has a BFA in Painting and enjoys drawing, painting and visiting art museums. His favorite conversation topics are music, film and anything pertaining to behavioral psychology.

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