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June 18 @ 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm

This program has been cancelled. For questions or to register for other programs, please email programs@smithcenter.org.

with Tina Scott Lassiter

*collage art cannot be reproduced without permission from Tina Scott Lassiter
Our body is the one thing we know better than anyone else does. We’ve been intimately engaged with it for our entire life after all, so who else can make that claim! As we mature, outside influences, health issues, and even our family lineage play a role in shaping the narratives we construct about our bodies and lives. The problem with that is, we sometimes allow those influences to negatively affect the love we should have for our total body — physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social.
This workshop is designed to get in touch with the body narratives that have influenced our life progression, consider the story we wish to tell moving forward, and appreciate the body we have. After establishing a safe space for enlightenment and sharing, you will gain an understanding of how the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and social bodies can be separate yet make up the whole. Using the senses, live conversation about sensuality, along with a fun sensual experience, guided and art imagery, creative and written exercises, and some easy movement, you will uncover and reflect on your personal body narratives. You will also be guided through an uplifting exercise on loving the body you’re gifted with, with all it’s flaws and OMG moments, as well as receive tips for body love self-care. While story sharing is encouraged during group discussions, our stories are our own; you are free to make choices about what and how much is comfortable for you to share.
No matter our age, it’s time to really wonder about who we are, have been; who we wish to be, where we see ourselves going or maybe even discover something we never even thought of. To celebrate our years of life, the wisdom we’ve acquired along the way, the body we have right now. To uncover the stories our bodies have to tell us, the ones we know and perhaps ones unknown. To honor our beautifully exquisite body existence as together we explore how the senses, sensuality, and total body love can bring forth our body narrative so we can begin to write a new or continued story for the path ahead.
Previous artistic training or specific writing skills are not necessary for this session. This program is open to people who identify as women only.
Suggested Donation: $15

About Tina Scott Lassiter

Tina Scott Lassiter, M.B.A., is a holistic health professional, collagist, photographer, author/writer, speaker/moderator, and co-host of The Body Love Construct podcast. Certified in several mind-body disciplines and the healing arts, she facilitates workshops for groups and individuals that focus on emotional, social, and spiritual development and health. Her collage images originally addressed self-esteem and personal body awareness; they later materialized as statement art, dictated by current events and social issues. Both her essays and art have appeared in anthologies and on/in a number of online and printed national publications.