Patient Provider Education Project


Smith Center is developing culturally appropriate training for clinical providers of cancer care for African-American patients living with or at risk for breast cancer, residing in underserved communities in Washington, DC. The Patient-Provider Education Project (PPEP) engages healthcare providers with African-American breast cancer survivors to collectively develop solutions for improving care in these targeted communities. Utilizing dialogue and education, we will improve patient-provider communication, understanding and trust fostering more effective clinical health encounters. We will create provider behavior change that leads to an increase in breast cancer screening and treatment adherence rates. Training will address cultural competence challenges, communication skills, informed decision-making, cancer screening guidelines and available resources leading to improved overall patient outcomes. This will be achieved using a comprehensive three-phase model: 

a) Patient-Provider Dialogues – these facilitated sessions are loosely based on the successful Intersections International Veteran-Civilian Dialogues and are designed to promote in-depth communication in a safe non-medical setting

b) Solutions Workgroups – groups of patients and providers will convene to develop a consensus of issues and solutions driven by the thematic analyses of the Dialogue Circles. They will create a series of tools and techniques for implementation.

c) Training- will incorporate workgroup guidelines, screening guidelines and communications training. Training for patients will also include the importance of self-advocacy with provider training designed to also increase cultural competency.

Thank you to our sponsors for generously funding this project:

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