How to Get Off a Well-Traveled Road


Alex Todorovich (1950-2009) was an untrained, or naive, artist, who first turned to art when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 54. Her diverse body of work–collage drawings, assemblage sculptures and beaded jewelry–integrates years of experience in folk art, decorative arts, and ornamentation. By giving form to her internal dialogs and philosophical tips on life she addresses not only the existential and cultural experience of cancer, but also the socila body of love, celebration, and connection that comes with healing. She challenges us to walk with her as she attempts to answer her own questions: How do you leave a life before you are ready? How do you let go, to die?





This intimate collection moves us through Alex’s outer struggle with the phsyical cancer to the inner passage of the Self as it prepares to leap off the well-traveled road of a precious life. Chemotherapy, radiation and cancer ran through her system, but the cultural impace of a lived and loved life is the ultimate answer to her own questions of not only how to get off a well-traveled path, but how to create one in the first place.

Additional programming included:

  • May 27: A Night with the Wild Women, hosted by Tina Lassiter of National Children’s Medical Center; interactive collage workshop.
  • June 5: DC Jazz Festival, featuring Brazilian Jazz guitarist, Richard Miller
  • June 17: Dr. Esther Sternberg for an exclusive screening of her new PBS documentary, “The Science of Healing”

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