Meet Jane & Erwin Krasnow

A donation to Smith Center provides programs like Cancer Support Group & Retreats for people facing cancer in our community. 

#MyStoryShared: Cancer brought us Smith Center.

JANE: Cancer has impacted both of our lives more than we ever imagined. I am a 26-year cancer survivor and have dealt with two different cancer diagnoses during my journey. My husband, Erwin, lost his first wife to cancer and met me shortly thereafter.

ERWIN: When I met my wife, Jane, I knew that my journey as a caregiver would never cease. Having years of experience as a caregiver to my late first wife, I knew how lonely cancer could be. On a normal walk through my neighborhood, I passed by Smith Center for Healing and the Arts. Intrigued by the name, I looked online to see what they did. This decision changed our lives forever.

Walking into Smith Center for each class has been like coming to a family that understands exactly where you are at. We’ve explored cooking classes, yoga sessions, art classes, meditation circles, support groups, and more together, meeting new and diverse people each time we come in. From the instructors to staff, to other participants, each person has enriched our lives and added immensely to our joy.

#MyStoryShared represents how Smith Center has changed our lives for the better. We have found a community where we can heal inside and out. The tools and information gathered about nutrition, stress management, and overall wellness are invaluable. The value of Smith Center’s work in the community cannot be emphasized enough.

Jane and Erwin Krasnow
Cancer Survivor and Caregiver
Yoga Enthusiasts

PS: Smith Center impacts thousands of lives each year, like ours, and now you have the power to do the same. With a donation, you have the power to help change lives and make a difference for those living with cancer.

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