Smith Center is a nonprofit health, education, and arts organization in Washington DC. Our mission is to develop and promote healing practices that explore physical, emotional, and mental resources that lead to life-affirming changes for people affected by cancer.

Our programs focus on cultivating each person’s innate ability to heal, helping participants explore meaning and maintain hope—even in the face of life’s challenges.

We welcome you to join us for programs, visit us at our U Street Center and Art Gallery, or contact us to learn more.

More About Smith Center for Healing and the Arts


May 2nd: Pop Up Book Club- No Pressure, No Diamonds: Mining for Gifts in Illness & Loss: register here


All programs will continue to run via Zoom until further notice. Please contact with any questions.

NEW! Absrtact Self Portrait Many artworks have been created about the self. In this workshop, join art educator Martina Sestakova in a visual exploration of your senses and what makes you a unique self. We will take a look at the works of artists such as Sonia Delaunay and Paul Klee, while we write, share, and work in watercolors. Abstract art will allow us to create an insightful self-portrait. No experience is needed.

NEW! Creating Symbols for Personal PowerA Sigil, in a greater sense, is a symbol that represents a meaning. Join in the creation of an environment that empowers us to imbue our intentions into our sigil fully.

This program will be hosted with a new theme each month.

NEW! Sustainable JournalingIn Sustainable Journaling, simple strategies help you create a daily journaling practice that can be sustained over time.

We will concentrate more on the practice of journaling than on the content and intention behind it. As a result, we can approach journaling less as a means to an end and more as an end in itself.


Feb 25th-May 8th: Good Medicine Exhibition: A Collection of Healing Forces

May 6th: Healing U Wellness Festival register here


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As we move into our third decade, we do so with deep gratitude. We thank you for taking part in this celebration and we look to the future with great excitement for what is to come. Check our our celebration event.

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