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An Introduction to Smith Center Programs


Our programs empower individuals to live as well and as long as possible by offering emotional support, self-care resources and conventional and complementary choices in healing. Workshops and retreats led by experts focus on time-tested wellness techniques such as health-supportive nutrition, creative expression, personal reflection, stress reduction, and other healthy choices that enhance emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing.

Our programs are tailored to the needs of people affected by cancer. However, many of the classes we offer are also useful to a broader audience interested in wellness and integrative health and are therefore open to the whole community. 

Our perspective on healing:

Artwork by Kiersten Gallagher
By Kiersten Gallagher

Smith Center programs focus on the concept of healing at its broadest level: as an integrative process that encompasses the entire spectrum of our existence—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. We believe that the healing process is unique for every individual. There is no one “right” answer or formula for everyone.

Healing evokes our innate potential for wholeness. Physically, promoting health makes our bodies stronger and more resilient.  Emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, we can explore meaning and our most fulfilling ways of being, relating and creating in the world. Engaging in the process of healing can broaden our perspectives and enhance our senses of wellbeing and inner peace.

Program categories:

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