Young Adult Cancer Support Group


The DC Young Adult Cancer Community (DCYACC) is all about addressing the unique challenges and concerns of young adults in their 20’s, 30’s, and early 40’s who are living with cancer. In addition to welcoming Young Adult Cancer Survivors (YACS) to our weekly yoga, cooking, stress reduction, and support programs, we aim to provide a forum for fellowship with creative and relevant topics ranging from integrative health and fertility choices to coping strategies, relationship issues, and everything in between.

We are currently collaborating with other support and treatment centers across the DC region to bring more YACS together for even better programs. This initiative, the DC Young Adult Cancer Community Meetup and Support Group, meets monthly at Smith Center for support and socialization. Each session is led by a licensed facilitator.

Upcoming YACS Events

Meetup and Support Group, Sunday, March 25th, 5:00pm

Supper Club, Friday, April 13th, 6:30pm

Meetup and Support Group, Sunday, April 15th, 5:00pm

YAC Hiking in the City at Rock Creek Park, Saturday, May 19th 9:30am

Meetup and Support Group, Sunday, May 20th 5:00pm


Sexuality & Intimacy for Women with Cancer, Wednesday, June 20th 6:30pm

Meetup and Support Group, Sunday, June 24th 5:00pm

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YACS at Smith Center welcomes young adults at all stages of treatment and survivorship, including those who are newly diagnosed, currently in treatment, any stage of post-treatment as well as the caregivers and friends who support them.

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