General Quotes From Smith Center Participants:

“Coming here is always healing and empowering”

“Smith Center’s Healing Arts Family offers a rare gift of finding the heart’s door and lovingly, skillfully inviting one in.”

“Put simply, Smith Center changed my life and I will be forever grateful to all of you.”

“I feel so fortunate to be plugged into Smith Center. I don’t feel so isolated and alone with my disease anymore.”

“I am so thankful to [Nazeeha Howard] and to your center for perpetuating the promise of generosity, healing and love into my extremely stressful situation.”

“I discovered Smith Center at a low point in my recovery from cancer and am so grateful to have literally stumbled across it on one of my morning walks.”

“I can’t thank you enough for doing what you do so well, for so many, at the perfect time, and with such clarity and grace. You inspire me to live and love.”

“I found joy. My goal was to re-experience joy in my life and I found it here.”

Quotes From Weeklong Retreat Alumni:

“I can’t say enough about this incredible experience. My heart, mind, body and soul are so full. I am totally grateful and send much love and light to all… peace, peace, peace.”

“Feeling such love, devotion, and caring given to our group and to the staff by each other set a model of grace and commitment, which functions powerfully in any life, at all times, good or bad.”

“The most valuable part of the retreat was sticking with my anxiety long enough to reveal its true meaning.”

“I feel wiser, stronger, with more tools for my own inner healing,

I am less scared. Cancer is going to make me a better person.”


“The love I received at Hallowood, the attention and care paid to me had repercussions… all week. God is blessing you.”

“The most valuable experience was sharing-telling my store and listening to stories of others. Knowing that there are professional people who recognize the value of mind/body/spirit healing and are offering their wisdom and compassion to the rest of us.”

“I have been healed by love.”

“Thank you again, for such a wonderful experience at Smith Center. Whenever I get scared, I think of all of you around me in the healing circle. It was such a life-changing event. I am truly blessed to have met all of you.”

“I do not know if I would have continued the healing process without your excellent program and staff.”

“Thank you for the amazing gift of peace, quiet, and the relaxation you bestowed upon me.”

Quotes from One-Day Retreat Alumni:

“The most valuable experience was just being here—finding the courage to listen to myself and look at what was going on inside—what I haven’t been dealing with.”

“What a special place.  I truly feel like I have been on a ‘retreat’ and ‘gotten away’ to gain a fresh perspective.  I thank you so very much”

“As a caregiver, it was wonderful to have support and have my experience acknowledged”

“I think you should market [the retreat] as a national model and sell it on a consultant basis”

“[This retreat has changed the experience of my illness by helping me] transition from trauma/shock to learning to make intentional choices/priorities”

“I felt I was not alone in my battle… this workshop has taught me that it is ok to be vulnerable and to cry.”

“I am more prepared to deal with the next challenges of my illness.”

“The instructor provided a perspective that will help me re-establish a more positive approach to my diet.”

“I had high expectations, and this day far exceeded them.”

“The most valuable experience was sharing- telling my store and listening to stories of others. Knowing that there are professional people who recognize the value of mind/body/spirit healing and are offering their wisdom and compassion to the rest of us.”

“I’ve put together some pieces of the puzzle of ME in ways that make more sense”

“Thank you also for doing so much for us, I really felt cared for  – that may have been the most important thing for me”

I am “continuing to learn that I’m not alone in this challenge”


Quotes From Writing, Storytelling, and Creativity Workshop Participants:

“This was a wonderful way to reconnect with my inner self and move forwards with my work in ways I hadn’t considered.”

“The most valuable experience was being able to express my feelings. Learning from others about how to cope with difficulties-learning their stories.”

“It has given me added perspective on how writing can create meaning out of negative and good experiences”

“I think I have a clearer path to creatively express and approach things on an ongoing basis without feeling pressure to do it ‘right’”

“[What was most valuable was ] having the time to delve where I had no idea I’d be delving – getting back in touch with important things long ignored”


Artist-in-Residence Testimonials:

“For me,” Marash says, “Laura’s music is like buddy-breathing; it eases the burden of survival and recovery. Music therapy is like a hidden universe that complements the very visible universe of nursing and medical care.” – Patient

“The patient was quiet and reticent. I convinced her to paint a pot even though she said her husband had painted beautiful murals and she wasn’t the artistic one. I told her everyone has art in them and encouraged her to explore her vision. She was entranced with the painting and loved every aspect- the colors, shapes, decision-making, and finished product. She seemed to blossom into a different person and told me that I ‘brought her to life.’” – Artist-In-Residence

“I see a sadness moving out and the bright sunshine is pushing the clouds away. With a half a heart I feel joy and happiness because the sun is shining again. Clouds are moving out and life began. The sadness of death is leaving with the light of life.” – Patient

“At the end of the session, the patient said ‘This box is so beautiful. Thank you for making my day. You deserve an A+++ for your work. It makes me feel so good.’” – Artist-In-Residence

Quotes from Integrative Patient Navigation Training Participants:

“This training covers so much, ranging from the nuts and bolts of navigation to spiritual care and everything in between.”

“A top notch, beautifully designed, thoughtful and elegantly delivered program that is both personally and professionally enriching.”

“The entire spectrum of speakers and offerings were beautifully delivered and integrated. I was served by each and every piece of the training.”
“I truly loved how Carole and Laura so beautifully orchestrated together, and learned so much from each of them.”


“I think that the Smith Center Navigation Training should become the gold standard for cancer navigators. From day one, the program has exceeded my expectations.”

“This training was meticulously organized, top-notch leaders, presenters and participants. In addition to giving us outstanding guidance and a wealth of knowledge, you have fostered ongoing supportive relationships that will help us both personally and will help those we ultimately serve.”

“I feel I benefitted on a tangible, practical level, coming away with multiple tools I can bring into my practice, but also on a personal level that is a little difficult to put into words.”

“To have laughed and cried; shared songs and stories, hopes, dreams andhealing gifts; brainstormed and role played; been nourished with luscious healthyfood and conversation and presence with all of you, has been such a gift.”

“… my heart is full and my brain is on overtime with ideas and possibilities… I amforever changed for the better.”

“The caring compassion and desire to share and help us was evident in all staff.”

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