with Deirdre Orceyre, ND, MSOM, LAc

Join Dr. Deirdre Orceyre at the Smith Center for this interactive presentation and discussion. Dr. Orceyre will share her expertise based on her experience working with cancer patients during their use of conventional therapies combined with complementary and “alternative” therapies. Dr. Orceyre will present information about adjunctive therapies such as intravenous high-dose ascorbic acid (vitamin C), mistletoe therapies, metformin, low-dose naltrexone and others. She will help demystify these treatments and how and when they should or should not be considered. This presentation will contain a Q&A, so bring your questions!

More about Deidre Orceyre, ND, MSOM, LAc 

Dr. Deirdre Orceyre, ND, MSOM, L.Ac., is a graduate of the National College of Natural Medicine, a leading institution in natural health education in the U.S. In 2004, she graduated cum laude with a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine. Following her medical training, Dr. Orceyre participated for two years in a full-time residency program focusing on internal naturopathic medicine, with special rotations in women’s health, endocrinology and integrative cancer care. Dr. Orceyre has undergone extensive national examinations and is a board certified licensed naturopathic physician and licensed acupuncturist in the District of Columbia.

Dr. Orceyre currently sees patients at GWCIM on Monday afternoons, and on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. In addition, twice a  month she works at the GW Breast Center. She offers both naturopathic office visits and acupuncture for her patients. She welcomes patients with all conditions, with the  goal to work with the patients to determine the causes of their imbalance. Dr. Orceyre sees herself as a guide and a coach, with the patient being the true healer. She uses many treatment modalities, such as nutrition and lifestyle modifications, nutritional supplementation, Western and Chinese herbal medicines, acupuncture, flower essences, homeopathy, qigong healing and craniosacral therapies.

with Yael Flusberg and Kevin Mutschler

Learn more about the benefits of incorporating yoga, tai-chi & qigong for cancer and related side-effects.

About Yael Flusberg, C-IAYT, ERYT500 & Kevin Mutschler, L.Ac 

Yael Flusberg Gentle Yoga Instructor Smith Center

Yael Flusberg first came to yoga hoping she could get rid of stuff, namely the ways life’s stresses and traumas had become painfully embodied. Fifteen years and thousands of layers of release later, yoga continues to teach her how to make strategic, creative, and life-nourishing choices. Trained as an integrative yoga therapist, Yael’s classes blend active with receptive states of being, and are both insightful and lighthearted. Off the mat, she is a coach, writer and energy therapist. Since 2005, Yael has taught yoga classes at area hospitals, libraries, workplaces, schools, and yoga studios. As an integrative yoga therapist (E-RYT500) she facilitates both group and individual yoga therapy sessions, working with people dealing with a variety of conditions including cancer, digestive disorders, diabetes, eating disorders, fibromyalgia, hypertension, mental health challenges (including depression, anxiety, grief and trauma), rheumatoid arthritis, scoliosis, and sports injuries. She currently teaches a weekly therapeutic class for people living with cancer and their caregivers on GW’s campus. More info: www.yaelflusberg.com

Kevin Mutschler, L.Ac

Kevin is a board-certified acupuncturist (NCCAOM) and Qigong educator with over twenty-five years experience in healing arts practice, research and education, including work in medical anthropology, somatic therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Kevin has special interests in working with patients living with chronic illness, migraine, MS and cancer. He is a Smith Center fellow in Integrative Cancer Care Navigation and is a member of the Society for Integrative Oncology.

View some video tracks of Kevin’s Qigong classes.