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August 31, 2023

Please email Olivia at programs@smithcenter.org for further information about the program.

with Carole O’Toole

A small, almost inaudible voice will say what lies ahead. By Sheila Petruccelli

Cancer often initiates an intense transformational process that can raise more questions than answers, leading us to re-examine our beliefs and approach to life. We may feel called to explore opportunities for spiritual growth, feeling a desire to connect with the sacred in a more conscious way and define more deeply life’s meaning in the face of cancer.

Regardless of your personal beliefs or faith system, working with a spiritual companion offers you an opportunity to reflect with another on what is going on for you spiritually, and explore how to integrate your cancer experience with your personal beliefs.

Spiritual Companions:

  • Provide a safe, trusting environment that invites stillness and reflection.

  • Support your spiritual growth and exploration, your unique and personal journey.

  • Listen, deeply and with compassion, honoring your sacred story. This deep listening helps you to connect with your most authentic self and illuminate your unique spiritual path.

    Suggested Donation: $15

About Carole O’Toole

Carole O'Toole

Carole has served in many roles at Smith Center since 2006, including Director of Residential and Virtual Retreats, Director of the Institute of Integrative Oncology Navigation, Co-Director and Co-Creator of Smith Center’s Integrative Navigation Training Program, and as a member of and mentor for our integrative navigation team. Most recently, Carole, a survivor of an advanced cancer since 1994,  felt called to companion others in exploring how illness offers opportunities for spiritual growth. In 2021, Carole completed her training in Spiritual Direction from The Haden Institute, with a particular focus on grief and loss and the spiritual challenges of living with cancer. She offers spiritual companioning services through the Smith Center and in her local community: www.cohealing.net.

“Your soul already knows the way to wholeness and healing, but often speaks to us in a small, still voice. In our time together, we create a nest for your soul to rest awhile, allowing space for your sacred truth to be revealed.”

Carole invites you to explore with her how to make meaning of your cancer experience and to look for where the holy is in your life. Currently, limited space is available for new clients. Individual appointments are available via Zoom or by telephone and are free of charge.