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with Chef Cathryn Pethick

Our choice of diet is one of the best ways we can care for ourselves. In the science of Ayurveda, our well-being is best supported with a diet of fresh, whole, seasonal foods, that includes all six tastes, with emphasis on those that will help balance us best.

Here in the mid-Atlantic, our Spring season transitions can be cold and windy, then warm and humid, as we move into our growing season. In Ayurvedic terms, our Spring climate season is cool to warm, liquid and soft, and corresponds to the Kapha dosha. We may have a tendency to experience colds, sinus congestion and allergies, a sense of heaviness, all signs of Kapha imbalance.

In this class, the food tastes we will focus on that “pacify,” or nurture and support Kapha best, are pungent, bitter and astringent, such as spring greens, lentils, millet, asparagus, strawberries, pears, warming spices and herbs. We will include a simple dish called kitchari that is a traditional cleansing and nourishing food that can support the Spring seasonal transition. Recipes and additional Ayurveda resources will be provided.

Suggested Donation: $10

About Cathryn Pethick

Cathryn Pethick, AA, AYS, C-IAYT is a certified yoga therapist and teacher, Ayurveda specialist, and professional chef- whole foods cooking and nutrition instructor. She shares those skills with private clients through her own Well-Being, founded in 2012, and is on staff with Maryland University of Integrative Health’s Masters in Nutrition degree program. At Smith Center, Cathryn teaches cooking and nutrition classes, gentle yoga, and contributes to Smith Center’s wonderful  integrative cancer support retreats as chef and yoga therapist. She has decades of experience in diverse culinary settings, practicing/teaching yoga from a therapeutic perspective, meditation, and the study of Ayurveda, diverse spiritual  and philosophical traditions, and Oriental healing/martial arts. Cathryn shares the intention of nourishing well-being for us individually and as a collective with yoga, meditation and food-as-medicine, by cultivating the healing power of balance, optimal nutrition that supports our vitality, and compassionate presence that nurtures us all.