by Thu-Mai Hoang

The first scary word came out from my oncologist Angel of death
Wanted to take me away to a beautiful place
to join my mom and dad
and leave behind other loved ones
Sad, terrified, happy to join the other side
I am so prepared to leave the human world Suddenly in my head
“If you go away on this summer day” “But if you stay, I’ll make you a day
We’ll sail on the sun, we ‘ll ride on the rain” People who I may leave behind
Who I needed to take care of
My sister who was in a wheelchair Who had kidney failures
Who was on “Dialysis” 3 days a week

I will survive … Youngest sister Who comforted me Who gave me “love” and
Said I will be “o.k.” Youngest brother also said
Hope, Love, Laugh, Happiness will cure all We will be with you all the way
He knows other people who is a cancer survivor after surgery and still live until now
All the “love”
from my husband, my sisters, brothers encouraged meA year passed

After the surgery completed Loss of feeling as a woman Word: “recurrent cancer” another nightmare
Angel of death had come a second time My sister had just passed away
Do I need to be here?
My existence in this world … My husband was so desperate He wanted me to live
He would die if I die
He would do everything And
I prayed to “God” to let me live So
“radiation therapy” it was Painful from the side effect
Undergo the pain, the misery and Exhausted, every day for 6 months, My husband side by side …
Made me happy
My youngest nephew Taught me meditation Breathing …
Five years has passed
Life is a lot of more meaningful now Smile is on my face
My eyes can open now
Hang out with Families and Friends Thanks to my husband
Thanks to my sister, my brothers, niece and nephews … For their patience, entertainments, encouragement