Cancer Cooking Classes

Eating well is one of the most fundamental and accessible ways of promoting good health and living well through cancer treatment, yet people are often confused about what they should eat and how to prepare healthful foods. At Smith Center, our classes are designed to address the questions and needs of people living with cancer while providing delicious and healthful recipes based on the eight basic food principles.

In this video, Chef Laura Pole introduces the eight basic food principles—Whole, Fresh, Natural, Local, Seasonal, Balanced, In Harmony with Tradition, and Delicious—and gives some basic advice to help you get started. Join her here at Smith Center for regular classes.

Cooking & Nutrition Facilitators

Chef Laura Pole, RN, MSN

Chef Laura Pole is an Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist and Smith Center’s Director of Nourishment Programs. She is also head chef for Smith Center retreats, a trained Cancer Guide, and a consultant and educator in palliative care for the Palliative Care Partnership of the Roanoke Valley and the Virginia POST Collaborative. She is a former nurse educator for the Virginia Association of Hospices, past president of the Southwest Virginia Pain Initiative, and is the recipient of an Outstanding Nurses of America award.

Chef Cathryn Pethick

Chef Kara Garrett

Recipes from our Chefs

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